For your safety, Defile offers sealed, ready to eat, meals in a box, for your enjoyment while you experience our tours.
"Come on board, have a bite with us, and enjoy the tour

Our cabin attache will narrate and present the many beautiful sites and landmarks our two cities have to offer while you enjoy a Defile  lunch or dinner box

Pair a fantastic panoramic tour of Miami and Miami Beach with our customized delicious dining box, for a one of a kind experience, on our beautifully narrated tour of the area's most famous tourist landmarks and attractions.


Take a seat and soak up stunning views of our Magic Cities as you indulge in fine international cuisine, prepared and packed for your safety on a our sealed, all include dining boxes, custom built for your safety and enjoyment.


“There is nothing better than enjoying fine cuisine while viewing breath taking vistas” 

Private Events


Awaken your senses. Simply put, our guests on board, will discover the most beautiful views of Miami and Miami Beach while enjoying a beautifully crafted dining boxes, designed for your enjoyment by our chef.  A delightful way to discover what Miami and Miami Beach has to offer.

Our dining boxes have been created with your safety in mind, our all inclusive dining boxes comes with everything you need to enjoy your meal while on board.


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